Wonk Sweden Made Sure @Alaska5000 Knew Her Makeup Is Terrible
But she still looks f”ckin’ cool.


cat people: dogs are cool too
dog people: cats don’t feel love did you know a cat once MURDERED my MOTHER


20 10月 14 at 9 pm









look at this edgy ass shit lmao

I’m laughing so much I’m lightheaded. this is incredible

oh my fucking god, this is cartoonishly edgy. imagine the thirteen year old boy in an adult body who came up with this lmfao

That’s it.
I’m done.
Fuck video games.

this is easily the funniest thing i’ve seen all month

Everything gaming related in the last few months has just been utterly humiliating, and this is no different. This is the biggest thumbs up I’ve seen to the Gamers-Are-Seriel-Killers-In-Making crowd since someone went and made the Columbine mod for Doom. Like. I doubt anyone who follows me will, because if you put up with my shit, you wouldn’t like this. But. Do not buy this game. Avoid this game at all fucking costs. Regardless of how good it may or may not be on a quality-of-mechanics scale, this is a fucking travesty, and we need, literally, the gaming industry, needs, needs, needs, for this game to fail so horrendously that everyone who ever worked on it is fucking ruined.


I can’t wait for this to get banned in Australia and hear a bunch of babies crying about freedom of speech

This game is literally being developed by neo-nazis.



  • filipino
  • malaysian
  • indonesian
  • indian
  • bengali
  • laotian
  • thai
  • vietnamese
  • singaporean
  • north korean
  • iranian
  • iraqi
  • afghanistani
  • cambodian
  • burmese
  • lebanese
  • taiwanese
  • all indigenous people of all these countries
  • and so many fucking more im just forgetting a lot because there is SO MUCH MORE
  • asian people are not just attractive east asian people
  • asian people are so much more than a couple of countries’ pop cultures

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14 10月 14 at 6 am

Golden Bomber | Mister Donut commercial

I had these last year and they’re so good 100/10

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I’ve been putting off posting this for over a month now but it needs to be said.


11 10月 14 at 3 pm


top- vintage

skirt- asos

clutch- primark

shoes- aldo